016 Holly Miller Talks Twitter (plus new job postings!)

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Holly Miller (@millertime_baby) is a Senior Marketing Manager at an online marketing agency called The Search Agency based in Los Angeles, CA. She has experience as an SEO account manager and now is a leader in the marketing side as well. She is an alumnus of Chapman University with a degree in PR and Advertising and was recently appointed to the Chapman50.


The Search Agency is an integrated online marketing firm helping marketers make better decisions through the use of data. From Paid Search (SEM), to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Consumer Experience (landing page optimization, conversion path optimization), The Search Agency offers services in Display Media, Social Media, and Comparison Shopping Management to maximize the effectiveness of integrated online marketing campaigns. It is one of the largest and fastest growing search marketing firms, having been named a top-five independent U.S. search marketing agency by Advertising Age.


“85% of people will feel more connected to your company if you get them to follow you on Twitter.”

“Your followers are 47% more likely to visit your website than those who don’t follow you.”

“Followers are 72% more likely to purchase from you than non-followers.”


Holly Miller shares her experience at the IMPACT 14 conference. From great speakers to valuable new content to live tweeting, Holly reveals her thoughts on the benefits of engaging with other thought leaders and how to capture “tweetables” that speak to the essence of what a presenter is saying while simultaneously catching the attention of social media. Doing this effectively garners you more followers and more engagement. In addition to industry conferences, Holly gives us a peak into the weekly thought leadership meetings she is a part of and ways marketers can stay on the pulse of important trends and industry changes.

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