Certified Internet Marketer Course Syllabus

Students will be introduced to the broad array of interactive marketing programs including an overview of Internet marketing, online acquisition, online conversion, online retention, online analytics, and data-­‐driven marketing. This course will cover the advantages and challenges as well as identify key differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing. As an introductory course, it presents students with 16 hours of lesson content covering the baseline understanding of the primary topics covered in more detailed examination in the UCI-­‐Extension Internet Marketing certification program with its required and elective courses.

Participants will learn from experienced Internet marketing practitioners. These practitioners draw from decades of combined Internet marketing experience at pioneering companies such as Microsoft, Omniture, Adobe, Foresee, Ancestry.com and others. The roster of instructors includes both senior marketing leaders as well as a published author on web analytics who share their expertise to provide program participants with highly sought-after information delivered with the ease and convenience of an online learning platform.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the primary business models for online businesses
  • Define the three main marketing objectives for online businesses
  • Recognize the main advantages and challenges for Internet marketing across online acquisition, online conversion, and online retention
  • Recite differences between traditional marketing and Internet marketing
  • Evaluate the differences between various Internet marketing programs
  • Explain how Internet marketing programs can be measured

There are no required texts for this course.

Optional Text Resources (which may be assigned by the instructor):  Various PDF files, websites, and links as assigned by lesson instructors.

Students must pass with an 80% grade or higher in the Final Exam in order to earn the CIM certification.

In this single part lesson, you will be presented a high-level overview of the online business models, the main marketing objectives for an online business, and review key terms in Internet Marketing.

In this two-part lesson, you will learn how businesses acquire online customers, review the benefit & challenges of online advertising strategies such as search engine marketing and display advertising, and review key terms used in online acquisition.

In this two-part lesson, you will learn how businesses use site personalization, online A/B & multivariate testing, content targeting and dynamic recommendations to convert online visitors and customers.

In this two-part lesson, you will learn how businesses use email marketing, online surveys, customer retargeting, user generated content and voice of customer (VOC) strategies to effectively retain customers and generate recurring revenue streams.

In this three-part lesson, you will learn about measuring website performance with digital analytics, business goals and standard metrics to consider, and how to develop tactics for telling “stories” with your data to drive better online business decision.

In this two-part lesson, you will learn how businesses create a culture and decision-making practices based on data by developing closed-loop marketing strategies to deliver the most effective marketing programs.

Each lesson is then followed by a 10-question quiz.  The Final Exam is a 30-question exam with multiple choice and true/false questions.  The questions will be drawn from the entirety of the course content so you will be tested on your knowledge learned from across the Internet marketing overview, online acquisition, conversion, retention, analytics & measurement, and data-driven marketing lessons.

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