There is no longer any doubt that the world has gone digital, and, with it, so too has business. There is no longer any doubt that digital marketing is dead and “marketing in a digital world” is the new reality. Marketing leaders need to learn from each other to successfully navigate in this new world. It is time for the IMA’s CMO 100 Network, which seeks to bring together chief marketing officers and other executives to share the knowledge and insights needed to be at the vanguard of today’s digital transformation.


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The CMO 100 Network is an offshoot of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), which has a 20+ year history and an established global network of professionals around the world, from such notable companies as Oracle, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Cision, Evite and more.

According to Sinan Kanatsiz, IMA Chairman, the group’s DNA is:

  • Relationships
  • Introductions
  • Thought leadership development
  • Recognition
  • Publications
  • Conference/events
  • Magic

As an offshoot of this group, the CMO 100 takes that DNA, builds on it, and doubles down on the science and art of digital transformation that CMO’s require. Being part of this exclusive group provides members with global networking and educational benefits that can enhance professional and personal growth and network connections. Member CMOs will have access to original content and insightful thought leadership, seminal surveys and research, events, roundtables, interviews, and more.


A recent article by Jamie Matthews, CEO of Initials, had this to say:

“CMOs are becoming increasingly growth-oriented and analysis-led. It’s a necessity in an age when measurement of ROI is both a key indicator of success and data dependent. Reliance on technology reflects the acceleration of digital transformation. As well as huge databases, multiple channels—from traditional print and TV, to online, social media, AR, and VR—must be managed by the modern CMO. Simply keeping abreast of what is, or is just about to be, possible is a huge task. CMOs now sit at the summit of a technical, technological, and acronym-littered mountain.”


Clearly, there is no faster moving business discipline today than marketing, and staying ahead of the curve is the only way CMOs and their companies can flourish. The real value of being part of the CMO100 lies in the membership—the whole will equal much more than the sum of the parts. We are looking for marketing leaders who share a passion for marketing and leading the digital transformation in the enterprise. We are looking for CMOs who desire to leverage relationships and knowledge into business success. We will be looking for marketing execs who want to innovate and leave a lasting legacy for our world.

We are looking for you.

At the helm of this select group will be Tim Moran, founding Editor in Chief of CMO.com by Adobe. During his eight-year tenure as editor, Moran created a content site that reported on strategies and issues for CMOs, who turned out to be the leaders in the digital transformation of business. He assembled a cadre of CMOs/senior marketers who contributed original content. He created and engaged with a community that shared ideas and insights globally. He will bring this same knowledge and experience to the CMO100, making it a living, breathing, connected community.

Some of what Moran and Kanatsiz have planned for this select group are:

  • Special interview/professional profile opportunities with Moran and Steve Cook–ex-Samsung CMO and Coca-Cola and P&G  marketing executive–who will be working with the team.
  • Annual CMO mega-issue research, surveys, and trend reports, in conjunction with Kim Whitler, PhD, former three-time CMO, P&G marketer, and now assistant professor of marketing at University of Virginia’s Darden business school. Also, possibility for on-request specific topic surveys done across theCMO 100.
  • Potential for audio interviews with Alan B. Hart, creator and host of “Marketing Today,” who has interviewed some of the world’s top marketing professionals and business leaders.
  • Member discounts to IMA events, including Impact 17, as well as other roundtables and gatherings.
  • Mutually beneficial connection to other professional groups.
  • Monthly CMO 100 e-newsletter.

In short, we are harnessing the IMA DNA to create a CMO 100 Network to serve your needs.

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