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Students will have the opportunity to share their story and showcase their skills, backgrounds and strengths. To get started…

  1. Watch our campaign video from Founder & Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz
  2. Upload a 59-second video below that highlights your skills and strengths
  3. Write your personal statement (2 – 4 paragraphs). Be sure to include your Graduation Year & Month!
  4. Link your resume or portfolio. Hit Submit!

Once submitted, your video and resume will be promoted to a wide range of enterprises, which includes Pepperdine Graziadio Board members, alumni across a wide range of industries, and other professional opportunities.

While we cannot guarantee any results,  we will do our best to promote your unique page. With the partnerships IMA has developed, and leveraging Pepperdine Graziadio Business School networks, you’ll have a unique avenue to gain exposure that may lead to potential employers and new relationships.

We have a strong renewed emphasis on greater support for student employment successes. In our new world, the dedication and creativity of our community will help us remain strong and get through this crisis together.

Graziadio Career Opportunity Exchange

Create and upload your video resume showcasing your skills!