International Executive Council

The International Executive Council

The International Executive Council (IEC) offers its members exclusive global business networking, digital marketing,  and educational benefits that can greatly enhance professional and personal growth in those who share a passion for technological innovations and business development, and who desire to leverage those relationships, knowledge and innovations to create value and leave a lasting legacy for our world.

The IEC comprises a highly diverse group of the passionate business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators representing many industry sectors and geographic regions. Our roots extend from the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), which has a 20+ year history and an established global network of hundreds of thousands of professionals.

Our exclusive events focus on delivering value and awareness around business networking, innovation, digital marketing, personal and professional growth, and positive global impact.


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Our Vision

The International Executive Council (IEC) will be the premier global member and business networking organization for those with a common passion for technological innovation, and a shared belief that the innovations our members create will empower them to leave a positive impact on their businesses and a lasting legacy for the world.

Our Mission

We exist to fuel the professional and personal growth of those who share a passion for technological innovation and its real world application in business by leveraging a diverse leadership network and exposure to unique content designed to help us make more informed decisions in a digital age of marketing and commerce.

By connecting these like-minded individuals and presenting them with impact-driven networking, digital marketing, and business opportunities they would not have access to any other way, we offer a global membership organization that can leverage technology and innovation to make a lasting difference in our world, imparting a legacy beyond what an individual could leave on their own.

IEC Events

IEC has gone to extraordinary lengths to carefully assemble a group of accomplished leaders who provide vision and influence for the internet marketing and business communities around the world. Our goal is to leverage key business relationships and executive networking, while recognizing member innovations, to create mutually beneficial growth opportunities and a positive impact in the world we live today. And tomorrow.

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IEC Member Highlights

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