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Building Upon Your Home, Business, and Lifestyle – impactSHOW EP 16 – Larry Armstrong

Architect, artist, and Chairman of Ware Malcomb Larry Armstrong shares his thoughts on his journey into architecture and art, his self-designed home, and insights for building up your business and employees.

Reinventing Brand Leadership – impactSHOW EP 15 – Deryck Rensburg & Laura Schwab

Laura Schwab, President of Aston Martin Americas, was interviewed by Dean of Pepperdine Graziadio Deryck van Rensburg and spoke on the qualities behind reinventing brand leadership for three areas: priorities & changes, diversity & female leaders, and strategy & positioning. (Recorded for Oct 2 2020 IMPACT 20 event)

How to Reinvent Yourself, Your Business, & Your Artificial Intelligence – impactSHOW EP 14 – Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey, Founder of Anduril Industries, shared his thoughts on the process of reinvention, and what it takes to successfully operate and run a growing business. (Recorded for Oct 2 2020 IMPACT 20 event)

A Life of Reinvention – impactSHOW EP 13 – Glenn Stearns

Glenn Stearns, Founder/CEO Kind Lending & Star of Discovery Channel’s, Undercover Billionaire, shared his background and his journey of real estate. Through his journey, he promoted the manufacturing of a unique culture in the lending industry. (Recorded for Oct 2 2020 IMPACT 20 event)

Transformations in the Gaming Industry – impactSHOW EP 12 – Robert Towles

Robert Towles, Founder & CEO of INK games, speaks on the transformation of the gaming industry, the importance of user engagement and analysis, and his role on developments within INK Games.

Changing the Way We Market Property – impactSHOW EP 11 – Mauricio Umansky

Founder and CEO of The Agency Mauricio Umansky shares his background and evolution into the real estate industry, and the relationships, tools, and insights he’s assembled over the years.

Innovation, Defense Tech and OC Entrepreneurship – impactSHOW EP 10 – Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey, founder of Anduril Industries and co-founder of Oculus VR, joins Sinan Kanatsiz at Channel Bakers Breakthrough Summit to discuss his work towards the defense sector, entrepreneurship, and innovative industries in Orange County. (Recorded Feb 25 2020)

Prime the Pump – impactSHOW EP 9 – Channel Bakers

Josh Kreitzer, CEO of Channel Bakers, joins us alongside members of his leadership team (Tyler Speer, Sarah Lavalle & Brad Malm) to discuss brand essentials while approaching Prime Day, and best practices for optimizing presence on Amazon. (Recorded May 7 2020)

Education: The Engine That Drives Civilization Forward – impactSHOW EP 8 – Rob Hutter

Rob Hutter shares his story on his ventures with Learn Capital and investments in the global education sector. He also dives into the rise of EdTech, social networking software, and new collaborative tools that have seen a surge in impact and use due to the current crisis. (Recorded March 20 2020)

Developments in Tech and Collaboration For The Workforce – impactSHOW EP 7

This episode features some of the top executives sharing their perspectives and solutions to meet the new changes coming to modern workplaces. Those solutions include technologies for collaboration, distance learning, training, marketing and support for other business functions.

Our New Reality in the Face of a Crisis – impactSHOW EP 6 – Dr. Frank Luntz

Dr. Frank Luntz shares with us his insights on the current pandemic, its economic impact, and industries experiencing substantial growth, or heavy hits in the market. We also touched on President Trump’s re-election and if online voting could really become a reality come November.

Overcoming Coronavirus – impactSHOW EP 5 – Elizabeth Schneider, PhD

(BREAKING) impactSHOW interview with digital marketer Elizabeth Schneider, PhD – who contracted and overcame coronavirus. Hear about her experience, advice and impact the internet played in potentially saving her life.

Staying Aware of Your Memory and Your Brain – Ep 4 – Dr. Frank LaFerla

Dr. Frank LaFerla, one of the leading researchers on Alzheimer’s, shares his background and insights on the disease. He gives us a brief tour of the UCI BioSci campus, while Andrea Wasserman, chief administrative officer of UCI BioSci, showcases the anatomy of a human brain in one of their top research labs. (

Living Beyond a Work/Life Balance – Ep 3 – Braunwyn Windham-Burke & Sean Burke

We explore how Braunwyn Windham Burke & Sean Burke overcome obstacles in both their personal and professional lives to transform their lifestyles, raise seven children, and build their respective brands.

Creating a Network of Universally Connected Vehicles – Ep 2 – Sean MacNeill, Reviver

Sean presents a deep dive on the interactive elements behind Reviver’s “smartplates” and how they are displayed through by-stable technology, as well as its user data management system, backed by top-tier tokenized security networks.

Turning Adversity Into Advantage – Ep 1 – Marty O’Connor

We uncover how Marty’s overcame impossible struggles and launched forward with his new outlook on life. His inspiring story is covered in his new documentary, “Relentless”, which is now buzzed as one of the top shorts in the nation.