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IMA offers a remarkable breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you in achieving your personal, professional and organizational goals. Our mission is to Elevate the Journey of each IMA member by providing access to a combination of thought leadership content, networking opportunities, quality connections, and member benefits that just can’t be found anywhere else.

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New networking is about quality.
Not quantity.

We’ve spent the last two decades introducing like minded individuals, which has turned into millions of dollars in revenue, investments, business partnerships and life long relationships that we’re very proud of.


We’ve realized that the future of networking lies in true warm 1-on-1 interactions with people doing business with people they like. When you reach that most fundamental level with a personal, you’re more likely to achieve a desired goal, sell a product, and build a business.


Our latest Member Connect platform is a personalized connection channel that will deliver a quality introduction for you every month right to your phone, and provide you an opportunity to create the same impact.

Online marketing association - IMA App

Within our app, members can

Receive VIP invitations to upcoming IMA and partner events

Stay updated to IMPACT SHOW episodes, and apply to be our next guest

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Access Newsblaster

We’ll send out your positive or featured news through our network of press and other media outlets for distribution.

Access Career Opportunity Exchange

If you’re in search of a new professional opportunity, submit a one-minute video plus a link to your full resume or portfolio to share with our IMA network.

One piece of IMA Apparel 

Available at $95/mo or $995/year plans

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What our community says about an IMA membership

Dennis Kuhl
“It’s important to broaden our network; who we know, and what we know, through the IMA”
Dennis Kuhl
Chairman, Angels Baseball
Heather Dubrow
“I love being a part of the IMA, and what is has done for my brand and my business has been absolutely huge”
Heather Dubrow
Actress / Entrepreneur
Jim Doti
“It basically opens up contacts…nothing is more powerful than relationships”
Jim Doti
President, Chapman University
Kevin Maloney
“There are tools, access and things you are exposed to through the IMA. It’s a great place to be”
Kevin Maloney
Co-Founder, IEC
Victor Cho
“There’s a tremendous value between bridging two individuals, and that’s what the IMA does”
Victor Cho
CEO, Evite