Welcome New IEC Member Sang Huynh, President & CEO of SangJen AI

November 12, 2019

Dear IEC Members & Friends,

Please welcome Sang Huynh, President & CEO of SangJenAI, as our next confirmed founding member of the International Executive Council (IEC). We have included his bio and LinkedIn profile below for your review.

Sang Huynh brings many years of experience as a banker and tech founder with a successful exit of a MarTech startup. He’s now helping real estate developers and management companies create happy, productive, and safe environments using artificial intelligence and computer vision to reduce property risk and maximize net operating income.

IEC Founding Member, Sang Huynh, President & CEO of SangJen AI

Email: sang@sangjen.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrhuynher


To learn more about IEC, please inquire within the IEC app.

Sinan Kanatsiz, Founder, IEC

Kevin Maloney, Co-Founder, IEC

Liz Mirand, Account Executive, IEC


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