Happy New Year To All! And Welcome New IEC Member Tara Bokosky, Financial Advisor at Tax & Financial Group

January 3, 2020

Dear IEC Members & Friends,

Please welcome Tara Bokosky, Financial Advisor at Tax & Financial Group., as our next confirmed founding member of the International Executive Council (IEC). We have included her bio and LinkedIn profile below for your review.

Tara was born and raised in Southern California and has been an active member in her community. She attended Chapman University and received her BA in Educational Studies with an emphasis in Disability Studies. She continued her research on inclusion practices in the Brea Unified School District and received her Master’s in Special Education. Tara wanted to make an impact on the special need’s community from a business perspective and went on to earn her Master’s in Business Administration at Chapman University. This led to her passion for finance and combining the two, she fell into financial planning. Now, Tara helps special need’s families navigate the intricacies of financial planning for their loved ones. Tara also guides businesses, families, and individuals with the accumulation and preservation of wealth through comprehensive financial strategies. She utilizes her knowledge and experience in combination with the expertise of a team of specialists available at Tax & Financial Group. Together, they provide innovative solutions and professional direction to help clients work towards their financial goals and objectives.

IEC Founding Member, Tara Bokosky, Financial Advisor at Tax & Financial Group.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-bokosky-770125109


To learn more about IEC, please inquire within the IEC app.

Sinan Kanatsiz, Founder, IEC

Kevin Maloney, Co-Founder, IEC

Liz Mirand, Account Executive, IEC


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