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Maci Peterson, a Millennial entrepreneur and marketing expert, is the co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought (OST), a messaging app whose patented technology lets users take back text messages before they get to the other person’s phone. The story about how she came up with the idea begins our interview below, and if you read nothing else today, read about that.

But for a little more background, Peterson’s experience includes years of marketing and business development in the entertainment, media, and hospitality industries. She also founded and was the editor-in-chief of the former Mwari Magazine, a digital publication for women of the African diaspora, ages 18 to 24, is a member of the Internet Marketing Association’s Women Leaders Group, and spent a year at Marriott International as a brand manager.

Now, for that story … Before we get into the business and marketing side of things, you have to share with readers how you came up with the idea for On Second Thought.
Peterson: This is an easy one. Autocorrect has a vendetta against me. One day, an ex-boyfriend was calling, and I kept missing his calls—we’d been broken up for six months at that point. I thought I wrote to him, “Hey, for some reason I keep missing your calls,” but autocorrect changed it to, “Hey, for some reason I keep missing your …” at which point it put in a part of his anatomy that rhymes with “calls.”

Of course, that was not what I wanted to say to him—I’d never spoken that way. After slamming my fingers against my phone to get my message back, I couldn’t. I checked the App Store and did a Google search to see if there was anything that would let me take my message back, and, well, there wasn’t. After my friends gave me a resounding “Yes!” when I asked them if they’d sent a message they wished they could take back, I knew I was onto something. While some people might know a little bit about your company and your app, could you explain where this started and how it has progressed?
Peterson: Sure. As you said, On Second Thought started as a messaging app that lets you take back text messages before they get to the other person. But after about a year of being available in the Google Play store, one of the wireless carriers approached us about licensing our technology. So now we’re in the process of building our software development kit so we can license it to the carriers. This will make the ability to undo text messages a standard feature in your native messaging app. Right now, it’s only available for Android. – Read more at:


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