Tangram Studio Becomes Studio Other

Tangram Studio recently hosted a launch party where it announced the renaming to, “Studio Other.” The Studio Other launch party was held at its new location in Downtown Los Angeles.

Live music, signature cocktails and street food with a twist, Studio Other impressed all 150 guests that stopped by. Attendees included the Studio Other team, several prominent industry leaders, as well as, past and current clients. Entertainment was a key part of the event, with live music and a print screen section which individuals could choose from four different designs to press onto either a t-shirt or bag.

Not only was the event entertainment and networking driven, it also included the history of Tangram Studio and the key reasons as to why it decided to switch names. The venue incorporated one main room, dedicated to explaining the history and highlights of the new company name, emphasizing past and current projects and team members.

Joe Lozowski, President and CEO of Tangram Interiors and Charlotte Weiderholt, President of Studio Other, both gave emotional speeches to top off the night. Charlotte brought her team up on stage and thanked everyone for their effort into making Studio Other a reality. The teams’ goal and mission is to take your eyes and bring them to life by creating custom furniture solutions.

For more information on Studio Other visit: studioother.com.

TV Liquidator Has New Full Color Video LED Billboards

With each passing year, TV Liquidator has been gaining momentum in the world of LED Signage. They set out with a mission to ensure that every business, regardless of size, has access to the highest quality LED Signs at the lowest prices. They pride themselves on catering to a wide range of clientele including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, churches, schools, and government entities just to name a few.

What started as a small company focused on simple LED signs and televisions, has now become an industry powerhouse, expanding its product line to include industrial billboards as well. All throughout this process, TV Liquidator has maintained painstaking attention to detail, engineering their signs with only the highest quality components on the market. Each of their signs is made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.

As the advertising industry grows, so does the need for the most cutting edge technology to work as a liaison for the message. This lead to the increased popularity of the LED Billboard. TV Liquidator recognized this and began engineering a full color sign that is fine-tuned to the needs of the industry: dependability, durability, and functionality. They achieve this by not only using the best components, but by constructing a climate controlled cabinet which is built to order. What makes the deal even sweeter is their world-class customer support. Each agent takes great care of their client which sets TV Liquidator apart from the rest.

Each LED panel used in TV Liquidator’s industrial full color signs is fully encapsulated and protected from moisture damage with an IP67 rated silicone. The LED’s themselves use gold instead of copper for enhanced conduction under extreme conditions and increased durability. They are also inset at an angle for optimal viewing angles. This is all done while being standardized in a way which allows end users to upgrade their signs by swapping out panels for higher resolutions as the technology becomes available.

The cabinet for the sign is a work of art on its own. It is made entirely of aluminum making it as light as possible while simultaneously making it rust proof. It is also completely coated in line-x to ensure resistance to dust and debris. Oversized rain hoods help to maintain proper ventilation as well as preventing wind driven rain from getting inside. Precision joints, made using state of the art CNC machinery, has every inch of this cabinet lock flush together for a sealed fit. Every component inside is strategically placed to prevent unnecessary overheating. These and many other small details come together to create a top quality sign.

With the level of effort going into all of their products, TV Liquidator has a bright future. As long as they continue to push the envelope and innovate the way they have been for years, TV Liquidator will remain at the top of the digital signage industry.