BubblePOP at Child Life in CHOC

By Theresa, Co-owner, BubblePOP

CHOC holds a special place in my heart and BubblePOP loves doing events for them and their amazing kids. Yesterday was the first event that we hosted at the hospital itself. We brought the bubbles to Child Life in CHOC and, for the patients that were physically able to, they came out to play!

Words can’t even begin to describe our joy and appreciation of a child’s free spirit no matter what they are going through. Kids in wheelchairs, kids wearing masks, kids attached to their IV poles – they all came! It was incredible and awe-inspiring to see the the giant smiles on their faces as they pull their IV poles with them so they could chase bubbles. We even got to introduce an eight-month-old infant to her first bubble experience ever!

Children inspire and teach us what life is really all about. It is humbling to see such strength and deeply gratifying to know we can help bring awesome moments of joy to them.

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