Adobe Digital Index: Digital And TV ‘Double Coverage’ Key To Marketing Success At Super Bowl

Adobe Digital Index (ADI) research indicates record playoff audiences and surging social media buzz—suggesting Super Bowl XLVIII viewership is poised to capture the top position as the largest television audience broadcast of all time in the U.S.

What’s more, Fox Sports’ announcement that it will live stream the game to iPads just about ensures that this year’s game at MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey, will also be the most mobile Super Bowl ever.

For marketers, however, this year’s Super Bowl—which for more than two decades has been a showcase for the most innovative and expensive advertising of the year—has become a more complex challenge: While the worlds of digital and broadcast have merged into one from the viewer’s perspective, they remain somewhat disconnected on the marketer’s side.

Social media marketing, online video releases, and mobile-optimized Web sites are now key to creating that trophy-winning Super Bowl marketing moment. That’s why many marketers have assembled teams of digital specialists to augment their grand broadcast investments and score some big-game points.

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Explosive start to 2014! IMA jets past 900,000 members, announces IMPACT14, CES wrap-up, 2 board members announced in our January 2014 Newsletter!

Welcoming two members to the IMA Board of DirectorsDavid Krauss, Oracle Senior Director of Marketing for Cloud Applications and Services, Joins IMA Board of Directors.Krauss is a proven software marketing and business strategy professional with over 18 years of experience in developing successful global campaigns and product launches that deliver pipeline and revenue growth. His broad product and services experience spans the technology stack from applications to infrastructure, with particular expertise and knowledge in the financial services industry and risk management. Krauss has held leadership roles in marketing the latest technology trends, including cloud/SaaS solutions across HCM, CRM and ERP services as well as cutting-edge social business and mobile solutions. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Communications at the University of California, Santa Barbara and his MBA at the University of California, Irvine.Click here for the full story.

Jeff Marcoux, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Joins IMA Board of Directors

Marcoux has a strong record of accomplishments in the marketing automation and consulting industry where he has led service, consulting, implementation, marketing and sales engineering teams. He also worked in the residential real estate industry to leverage mobile technology for lead generation. He attended the University of Washington where he received his MBA in Leadership, a Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship, and was a Board Fellow for Leadership Eastside. Marcoux also currently sits on the board of Washington CASH, a non-profit organization focused on helping those in poverty create businesses to change their lives.

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With more than 900,000 members, the Internet Marketing Association is one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world and encompasses a wide spectrum of educated professionals in sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, creative development and related fields.


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2014 State of Marketing Insights from over 2,500 global marketers
Brought to you by ExactTarget
We surveyed thousands of marketers to learn their top marketing objectives and priorities for 2014. With more than 2,500 responses, we’ve analyzed their insights to give you a current snapshot of the state of marketing.
Social Media and Commercial Real Estate: Strategies to Grow Your Business and Build Your Brand By Ruth Brajevich
Chief Marketing Officer, Ware Malcomb
Social media has created a momentous shift in how we communicate with one other. It has become the great digital equalizer; small and large companies alike can build their brands, expand their businesses and connect with their clients online via social media outlets.
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The 5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Companies Make Marketing, Business and Management
By Eric Lundbohm
Social media. Much had been written, everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to know what you are doing in it. Still many folks do not understand the process. But that doesn’t stop some companies from jumping in anyway. However, that might not be the best strategy.
Las Vegas Executive Gathering at CES Great turnout of Internet Marketing and Business Leaders at the 2014 IMA Gathering at CES. Participants included Scott Roth, VP of ExactTarget, Matt Langie, VP of Adobe, Jordan Fiksenbaum, VP of Cirque du Soleil, Julie Hoffman, head of Digital Marketing for MGM Resorts Intl., Doug Carlson, Founder, Fiji Water/CMO Barnes & Knoble, Pete Elliot, IBM, Rhiannon Hamel, Wynn Resorts and other companies including Eloqua, Oracle, UFC and Encore/Wynn Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada.
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IMA Board Member, David Krauss takes the stage at Oracle CloudWorld to facility a panel discussion on Security in Cloud-based web environments

IMA Board Member, David Krauss takes the stage today at Oracle CloudWorld in San Francisco to facility a panel discussion on Security in Cloud-based web environments. Larry Ellison, Chief Executive Officer of Oracle is taking the stage right after to discuss the company’s growing leadership position among Cloud and newest solutions. — at Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, CA.


(David Krauss shown on the left)

Facebook Officially A Mobile Ad Firm With 53% Of Ad Revenue Now Coming From Its 945M Mobile Users – TechCrunch

Facebook hit a major milestone with today’s Q4 2013 earnings as it crossed the halfway point and now earns 53% of ad revenue from mobile, or $1.37 billion of its $2.59 billion in revenue this quarter. The small-screen skrilla comes from 556 million daily mobile users up from 507 million in Q3, and 945 million monthly mobile users up from 874 million. Overall, Facebook hit 757 million total daily users and a cool 1.23 billion monthly users up from 1.19 billion in Q3.

Facebook reached 49% of ad revenue from mobile in Q3 2013 up from 41% in Q2 and 30% in Q1. But now 53% of its $2.59 billion in revenue came from mobile. [Update: On the earnings call, Facebook said Q4 was its first billion dollar mobile ad revenue quarter, and it made nearly as much on mobile in Q4 2013 as it did from mobile and desktop in Q4 2012.]

The boost has been driven by Facebook’s mobile app install ads that help developers get their apps discovered outside of the cluttered app stores. This quarter Facebook also introduced new mobile app re-engagement ads that can get users back into apps they downloaded and forgot about.


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100 Inspiring Subject Lines – The ExactTarget Blog

In general, the most effective subject lines are straightforward and predispose openers to click through and convert. But creativity does have its place.

Creative language can differentiate non-promotional from sales-oriented messages. It can give your emails the edge—especially when your subject line is backed up with great email content.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are our picks for some of the most inspiring subject lines since 2006—along with some notable trends and events through the years that have affected subject lines.


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Adobe Blog: Facebook continues ad surge, but faces stiff competition from other networks

The most recent study by Adobe Dig­i­tal Index makes it clear that mar­keters who didn’t adver­tise on social net­works dur­ing the 2013 hol­i­day sea­son missed out on high qual­ity traf­fic and click through rates from social ads. That said, it’s imper­a­tive to ana­lyze and opti­mize each cam­paign to deter­mine which ad-purchasing method is the most efficient.

Adobe Dig­i­tal Index data reports that click-through-rates (CTR) for Face­book paid adver­tis­ing, for instance, were up 365% year-over-year (YOY). As pre­dicted in Adobe’s Q3 2013 social report, mar­keters CPC rates increased dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son, as well, up 29% quarter-over-quarter. CPM rates also increased, up 51% quarter-over-quarter.


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9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014 via Mashable

From the decline of Facebook use among teens to Twitter’s IPO, if there is one thing we know for sure about social media, it’s that few trends hold on for long — so marketers need to stay on their toes.

With that in mind, we asked nine successful entrepreneurs how they are planning on altering their social media marketing strategies in the next six months, based on their predictions for the new year. Here’s what they had to say.


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The Billion-Dollar Startup Club via Wall Street Journal

The Journal and Dow Jones VentureSource are tracking companies that are valued at $1 billion or more by venture-capital firms. The club is becoming less exclusive as venture capitalists funnel large sums of capital in the best startups. Today there are more than 30 such companies in the U.S., Europe and China. Click on the names below for company profiles, or sort by categories such as region, amount raised and valuation. (Published January 2014).

Interactive by Andrew Garcia Phillips/The Wall Street Journal


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Mobile is no longer just ‘fashionable’…it’s strategic!

From the Adobe Digital Marketing Blog:

Most peo­ple know that mobile is the way to go.  Mobile sites and apps make it eas­ier for most brands to com­mu­ni­cate to their cus­tomers who are con­stantly on the go.  But we wanted to dive a lit­tle deeper into the dis­cus­sion. So in Novem­ber 2013, Adobe Cam­paign ran a sur­vey focused on “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, Mobile) strate­gies, where 741 mar­keters were sur­veyed world­wide. The sur­vey results were impres­sive, and  a quick snap­shot can be summed up in an info­graphic.


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DOT Report: Gathering user feedback for your website


We are always making changes to our websites to ensure that they are setup in the most optimal way to convert the visitors we receive into sales, this process of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a never ending setup as there are always things with your website that you can keep working on.

With a steady influx of visitors and products making sales, we often assume we understand what parts of the website work and what parts are just not tuned to make the right sales and conversions. The best way to ensure that we are changing the correct parts of our website is to get directly with your end users and ask THEM what they feel is wrong and get THEIR feedback on how to fix it.

To ensure that you are doing your CRO process correctly we have looked up a list of relevant tools for gathering user feedback, please feel free to add your tools in the comments below.


Survey Monkey

The easiest method of getting surveys filled up from your userbase is to use SurveyMonkey. They have a free version which will allow you up to ten questions per survey and get in a hundred responses. SurveyMonkey is the first choice you should look at for survey questions, they have a list of customizations for questions, easily modifiable themes and of course they have years of experience in the arena which has helped them anticipate a large part of your problems with ready answers. The surveys generated via their website are easily integrated into your website, shared on social media or simply via email. The collated results of your surveys are then available in convenient report formats. Their website remains  a favourite for our surveys.



Kampyle allows you to easily receive feedback for your web pages with relevant comments for the page and also a rating of the content.

The convenience with Kampyle is that it allows you to receive feedback which is broken up into categories for review, there’s also an option for users to leave an email address so that they can be easily contacted in case you wish to do so.

When users leave feedback, they are automatically driven to categories of feedback, once a category has been selected, the user is then provided a list of relevant and existing set of questions which the user may be facing. This helps the user get an idea of what problems they may be currently experiencing or guides them in a direction about the feedback they wish to leave.

On the whole, Kampyle is a convenient form of receiving user feedback, while their interface is not the cleanest, they do provide you with the basics and have a well aimed service.



iPerceptions provides a surveying service which asks four basic and relevant questions to your visitors. In case you are unsure what basic questions you want to ask, just go ahead with the theme that iPerceptions have set for you by default.

Q 1: Based on today’s visit, how would you rate your site experience overall?

Q 2: Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of your visit?

Q 3: Were you able to complete the purpose of your visit today?

If users answer yes to Question 3, then ask this:

Q 4a: What do you value most about the website?

If users answer no to Question 3, ask this:

Q 4b: Would you please tell us why you were not able to complete the purpose of your visit today?

There are no limits to the amount of data you can collect with iPerceptions, so feel free to send the survey to as many people as you would like to and keep collecting your data points.



Ethnio is a tool which allows you to filter your visitors before getting their opinions, they work alongside Amazon to get full featured usability tests. Right of the top of it, you can screen users based on the demographic you require to ensure that the tests you are conducting are only conducted on users that strictly match your desired demographic. For example, if you are looking for users who are married and living in California, user response will be measured, and only when they pass the criterial will they be allowed to proceed.

If you are looking to screen users for criteria and then pass them on to other user testing applications such as Loop11 or User Testing, Ethnio has processes in place to ensure that the task is smoothly handled at their end. Ethnio also maintains user contact details, along with user details and their user test reports, follow up calls are a lot smoother with all the relevant details on screen during calls.

To conclude there are a wide variety of tools available for surveys and user feedback, the tools listed above have been quite helpful for our regular tasks and updates and should be helpful for your general work as well. Using the tools will help you to improve your conversion rates and also help you understand what problems and situations your web users are facing when they visit your website.