Exciting things happening here at INK Games!

INK Games

We’re building the most innovative gaming platform in the world by paying our players for their following and influence. And the lockdown hasn’t slowed us down a bit. In fact, during the quarantine we’ve hit some major milestones.

  • Our development team knocked it out of the park by building brand new tech from scratch, allowing our site to be 10x faster and powerful enough to onboard millions of users, seamlessly.
  • Our users broke an all time record last month by collectively earning over 6 million Influence points, which they cashed out for cash. Our top earner made $20,000 just from his referred sales.
  • INK Zip Codes are continually being rolled out for purchase and we’ll be launching Canada postal codes soon. We will soon have INK Zip Codes available for purchase in 160+ countries.

It’s an amazing time to be in the gaming industry and we are changing the space forever, by allowing players to get paid for playing.

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