How to Build Your Uniform Wardrobe

How to build your uniform wardrobe- IMA

In the midst of a global pandemic, getting dressed for work has become a much more casual affair. Working from home, taking Zoom calls for meetings—and wearing masks—has become the norm.

By Bree Jacoby / October 9, 2020

We always ask the question before styling our members, “How much of your wardrobe would you say you wear?” Most of the responses we get are: 20% or less. Now, it’s become around 10% to 15%, because most people are wondering, “Where am I going to wear these clothes? I already have a closet full of stuff I don’t love.”

Well, I am here to tell you, that’s because you need a closet purge and to only have what you LOVE inside of it. My biggest piece of advice is to think of your closet as real estate. And of course, real estate is limited. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are getting maximum value out of the real estate in your closet.

In order to do that, I strongly suggest everyone does a closet edit twice a year, going through and taking out the things that don’t serve you. They could be old, unworn for over two years, out of style—or simply pieces that don’t spark joy. 

Take out everything, sift through those garments, and make a donation pile. Do not hold on to any pieces that are weighing you down. The goal is to develop a uniform wardrobe and a closet that works, so getting dressed is easy for you. You have enough on your mind already. Worrying about what to wear isn’t necessary.

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To build that uniform wardrobe, you just have start with the basics. Once you have those core elements in place, everything else simply flows from there.

If you’re a man, invest in tailored clothing, fitted jeans, your core staple shoes (sneaker, loafer, chukka boot), two suits (navy and charcoal), and at least five white, button-up shirts. Try not to buy the same products in every color just because it’s easy (trust me we get it). Add some variety. Ultimately, you should have three staple looks in your wardrobe consistently you can rely on. Men need to invest in a quality blazer (preferably navy or charcoal) a casual zip-up jacket (leather or bomber), fitted jeans, a new white sneaker (nothing looks fresher), a few quality, plain T-shirts, and some white button-ups. Keep it simple. 

For women, we suggest you invest in quality over quantity. All women need to create a lasting wardrobe is a blazer, leather jacket, white button-up, quality denim, and pair of pumps. 

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You know the best friend you can rely on who always follows through? Think of these wardrobe staples as your best friends. They will always come in handy and they will always support you wherever life takes you.

At this time, it’s hard to think about what we’d wear to an office or when we will be going back to one in the first place. But even during a pandemic, these staples will come in handy and give you more confidence stepping out into the corporate world—even if it’s on a screen.