IMPACT Show episode 7 - Marketing podcast

Social distancing has become a central focus in dealing with global markets, and technologies for communicating effectively are at the forefront of our discussion.

This episode features some of the top executives sharing their perspectives and solutions to meet the new changes coming to modern workplaces. Those solutions include technologies for collaboration, distance learning, training, marketing, and support for other business functions.

Some key questions discussed include:

  • What are some positives to come from the quarantine – new businesses being launched and how people are adjusting to collaborative work environments – what is your organization doing to help push these initiatives
  • How are businesses preparing for the end of quarantine, returning back to a blended environment of tech at home and back to the office
  • What’s new and happening with over-the-top media services being offered directly to viewers via the Internet
  • Your comments on EdTech and how the landscape has shifted given the homeschooling environment we are in

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