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IMA Membership is offered at no cost. Because its members come from a broad spectrum of organizations and disciplines, IMA offers a remarkable breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you in achieving your personal, professional and organizational goals. The organization is underwritten by corporate partners to provide members an opportunity to learn, engage and define Internet marketing best practices without making a financial commitment.

Access to latest industry trends and data

Unique community of peers with shared expertise

Advocacy for Internet marketing best practices

Invitations to events on timely issues and the impact of the Internet

Access to professional certification (Certified Internet Marketer)

Individual IMA members come from 78 countries, predominantly the United States. Many represent companies like Coca Cola, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 firms. Members also come from small to mid-sized organizations that are looking to compete and grow.

Our guidelines require applicants to have a college equivalent education and a career related to the Internet marketing industry in positions including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, creative development and other related fields.

We welcome your participation and look forward to connecting you with some of the most capable and successful professionals in the Internet marketing industry.

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