New Review of Playa Mesa in the OC Register

After four visits, I still haven’t sampled the tacos at Playa Mesa in Costa Mesa. I keep meaning to order tacos. I mean, seriously, how can I review a Mexican restaurant and not taste the tacos? I always see something else on the menu that sounds even more tempting. The menu is extensive.

“Enchiladas Suizas or chicken tacos?” I ask my waiter at brunch.

“That’s a tough one,” he says, stopping to truly ponder that choice. “It depends on my mood, but today I’d go with enchiladas.”

Truth be told, I’m in the mood for enchiladas myself. And I’m not disappointed.

“Should I order the fish tacos or the torta milanesa?” I ask my waitress on another visit, having driven back specifically for the tacos but distracted at the last minute by this sandwich.

“Ooh, the tacos are so good,” she says, “but our torta is amazing.” She stretches that last word for several seconds.

And she’s right. It is amazing. This is the torta I’ve been hunting for the past five years and thought I would never find.

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