034: Diane Senffner, CEO of Cine Learning on Education Marketing

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dianeDiane Senffner (@dianesef) is CEO of Cine Learning Productions, a 21st century learning organization. She has a Master’s degree in distance learning and over 15 years experience working in learning and development. As leader of a learning company, Diane produces educational content for adult students using tools including storytelling, authenticity, video, audience engagement techniques, and more — all of which resonate with us in marketing.


Cine Learning Productions develops rich, story-based multimedia courses and high-quality educational video products looking through the eyes of the learners. They focus on improved comprehension, retention, and completion rates. Cine Learning has composed high quality videos for top clients because of their commitment to quality and effective storytelling.


“I think marketing people would do well to learn more about making something instructionally sound — a lot of videos could benefit from teaching a perspective customer why they want to buy something. I see an awful lot of marketing videos that are flashy and not much else.” – Diane Senffner

“‘Content marketing’ is nothing more than a massive educational movement….It’s influencing our buying decisions. – Dominick Sirianni


Marketers often fail to learn from educators. Educators fail to learn from marketers. In many ways, these two disparate trades are inexorably mixed. In this episode, Dominick and guest Diane Senffner look at how marketing professionals can benefit from lessons learned in the education field particularly in regards to video production. Engagement and retention of presented material is integral to a successful elearning product just as it is to a marketing piece. Listen to Diane’s insights from her work after being appointed by the Governor of Arizona to work to improve the understanding of and ability to self-manage diabetes and chronic illness in a special population in the state.

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Episode Mentions

– Thank you to Erik Leist and Laura Petersen for their support on the IMA Leader podcast.

Victor Cho in Episode 31 and 32: CEO of evite.

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes: At any given point only 3% of people in your market are looking to buy what you are selling and 33% wouldn’t take your product if it were free. You need to target the middle. This is what makes the intersection of education and marketing so important. Most people do not know they need your product.

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