061: Live from IMPACT15, IMA Board Member, David Krauss


kraussAt the time of this episode, David Krauss (@davidkraussit) was the Global Sr. Director of Marketing for the Oracle Applications Cloud. His role was to look after Oracle’s suite of over 600 applications that are delivered in a cloud deployment model globally.

David also serves on the Board of IMA.



Oracle (@oracle) is a provider of Enterprise Resources Planning software. The Oracle Marketing Cloud is a top choice of modern marketers creating customer obsessed cultures that engage and convert ideal customers to power revenue.

IMA Leader has featured several Oracle Marketing Cloud leaders over the last year and we continue in this episode with David.


“Companies today need to be smarter and more data driven and we can’t do that with a piecemeal approach to the [CMO and CIO].” – David Krauss

In this Conversation We Cover:

–        The role of data in marketing and why we need to become data scientists.

–        The convergence of the CIO and the CMO and how that affects the decision making process around purchasing.

–        How the homogenization of technology affects the development of products.


In this conversation David and Dominick sit down to discuss the effect of technology and data on the practice of marketing. David explains what companies and marketers need to do to stay relevant amid quickly shifting technology. David offers insight into the internet-of-things and how companies can leverage the continued growth of data for competitive advantage.

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