3 Steps To Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ads With Predictive

By Leah Allen, Radius

How do you make a digital B2B marketer’s dreams come true? Combine the biggest social media platform with the best business data.

Enter Facebook + Radius.

Building A Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ad Campaign

At Radius, our marketing team focuses on helping businesses bridge the gap between data and revenue, and often times our efforts start with educating marketers about predictive and our company.

Like many other marketers, we achieve this by implementing digital advertising to increase brand awareness amongst our target audience.

80 percent of B2B marketers indicated that their organizations will use digital advertising within the next 12 months

SiriusDecisions, 2016

Since we were looking to target a broader audience, we decided to leverage the massive social presence of Facebook and their larger audience base.

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