3 Ways Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Can Help Your Commerce Business Stay Strong Post-COVID

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Can Help Your Commerce Business Stay Strong Post-COVID

By Krassimir Boyanov, CEO, KBWEB Consult

2020 saw businesses worldwide rushing to establish an online presence as the global pandemic forced doors shut. However, with some restrictions beginning to ease, businesses will be defined in 2021 by how flexible they can be in maintaining a strong digital presence and simultaneously supporting a return to brick-and-mortar establishments. Managing your company’s marketing operations in this dynamic landscape may feel overwhelming, especially since many countries, states, and even cities will re-open at different rates, and E-commerce is firmly here to stay. With the robust Adobe Experience Manager® (AEM) platform, companies can feel empowered to navigate this new landscape and confidently reach customers both online and in-person, in any locale. 

The pandemic has accelerated the move towards E-commerce.

With the solidification of online business over the past year, companies are expected to make a quick and seamless transition to E-commerce. With countless time-saving features, including cloud-native Digital Asset Management and intelligent AI, AEM allows your team’s creatives, marketers, and developers to collaborate more efficiently, and not waste time on minutia like tagging, cropping, and adapting assets. Using Adobe’s powerful core components, companies can get up and running with AEM Sites and Assets in under 90 days.

E-commerce is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature for customers, it is a “must-have”.

A new report from the Associated Press indicates that the trend of strong growth in E-commerce sales will persevere long after the pandemic subsides, and with that grows the demand for convenience in E-commerce. Customers are making purchases across more channels than ever before – whether that be a brick-and-mortar store, their phone, their smart home, or their wearable device – and expecting a homogenous experience everywhere. AEM’s omnichannel experience management uses a hybrid approach that allows companies to deliver consistent content quickly in a personalized manner that easily scales across different products, services, and geography. 

Customers have far higher expectations of their digital experience with companies. 

A recent Experian report found that 60% of people have higher expectations of their online experience now than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic, and failing to keep up with the new dynamics of online experiences can severely cost companies the brand loyalty they’ve worked hard to earn with customers. AEM allows businesses to provide an individualized experience tailored to customers’ online persona and behavior, which is critical to retaining an authentic experience for customers online. AEM’s integration with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics further allow companies to best optimize customer experiences based on real data-driven insights.

KBWEB Consult is committed to helping our clients maximize their investment in AEM from the very start of onboarding, all the way through AEM custom development, and successful implementation. We ensure that your business is getting the most out of the platform and has the versatility to reach customers via any marketing channel, no matter what 2021 brings.

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