4 Steps To Build Campaigns Focused on Attracting the Right Accounts

By Vignesh Subramanyan, B2B Marketing, Radius

Everyone’s talking about account-based marketing (ABM), and rightfully so:
Companies are increasingly focused on targeting the right accounts, rather than simply looking at them as individual leads. This is largely driven due to the following factors:

  • Buying cycles have become complex and long
  • Marketing technologies have become increasingly cross-functional
  • Number of stakeholders involved in the buying decision for a technology purchase have increased

These changes in the buying process coupled with technological changes have resulted in a new outlook for B2B marketers:Marketing and selling to an account, rather than individual leads.

With this renewed focus on target accounts, it’s also important for marketers to create campaigns that are more account focused. Marketers stand to benefit from leveraging scores and grades to create personalized campaigns that target top accounts, rather than more generic ones designed to drive leads.

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