7 Key Takeaways For Marketers Evaluating Predictive Vendors

By Michael Conlon, Radius

I’ve worked in demand generation for about 12 years, and over that time I’ve seen the MarTech space change rapidly. While I’ve been lucky to see new MarTech innovations on a first-hand basis, one of the common themes I’ve noticed across marketing teams is the challenges associated with actually evaluating vendors.

The number of vendors with offerings for each part of the marketing stack continues to grow, which makes the process we use to evaluate what the right solution is for our companies more and more difficult.

Just take a look at this image by Chiefmartec’s Scott Brinker – how are you supposed to make sense of all these solutions?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to sort through the ‘noise’ in MarTech today and truly understand how a solution can help grow their business.

Throughout my career, I’ve evaluated hundreds of MarTech solutions and personally gone through about half a dozen predictive vendor assessments. Those experiences have proven the impact of predictive for marketing (which is why I now work for one of them), but more importantly, there were challenges that I faced throughout the buying process.

During these assessments, I fell into common marketing pitfalls like the “taste test” fallacy or I simply didn’t have the insights I needed to make a well-informed decision. So, to help others like me (and save them from easily avoidable mistakes), I compiled my top takeaways for fellow marketers who are thinking about adopting predictive for their business.

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