ADI: For Web Site Traffic, Bing Brings The Bling

Right before the holidays, Global Digital Advertising Report is shocking advertisers around the world. ADI has discovered that while Google’s ad and search business has done well for advertisers in the last quarter, they have to keep a close eye on Bing instead.

ADI states that Bing search results are pushing much higher quality traffic to websites compared to Google. Also, the retailers are receiving much higher revenue per visit from Bing traffic compared to Google. Having said that, Google still redirects over a quarter of all browser visits to websites in the U.S.

The current trend is that marketers continue to increase and allocate money for SEM advertising campaigns. The amount of money distributed to these types of campaigns is up to 22% globally YoY, and even higher in Europe at 31% YoY.

In addition to this, ADI has found that Google’s share of search spending is down 1% YoY, going from 71% to 70%, although, globally, search spending is predicted to increase in Q4, directly related to shopping during the holiday season. Mobile search-referred traffic is predicted to increase also, it is expected that 40% of all paid search traffic will come from smartphones by the next year.

ADI’s report focused on Google Shopping Ads, or product listing ads, which have outperformed SEM in Q3. In the social sphere, it is found that Facebook is turning into a “pay-to-play” platform for companies and brands. The companies experiencing the most growth through Facebook have in the Media field, up to 100%. Retail had the biggest increase in post interactions, growing up to 13% YoY.

ADI points to the holiday shopping season approaching fast, and encourages marketers to keep an eye on both social and search to ensure the most return during this competitive time of the year.


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