Adobe emerges as marketing cloud leader, beating out Salesforce, Oracle, IBM and more

Adobe has emerged as a leader in the rapidly growing software marketing sector. By having “distanced itself from the pack” of competitors, all according to a Forrester Research report being published today. The rankings were based on a list of criteria spanning over 46 points, like market share, current offerings and product roadmap.

Even though enterprises like Oracle, SAP and IBM are trying to serve their customers using software, marketers are moving to purchase integrated software suites that handle all of the necessary tools in one bundle, such as email, mobile and social campaigns.

Cory Munchbach, the author of the Forrester Research report states, “At this point in time, Adobe has set itself very well apart”. She claims that Adobe has customers who could speak directly to how they were using a big part of its marketing technology, “Not every vendor could do that” Munchbach claimed.

Adobe has done well in important areas to beat out its competitor Salesforce. First of all, Adobe has done a great job in integrating its offers, based on the company’s acquisitions of Omniture and Neolane, an analytics and marketing automation company respectively. Salesforce have not been as successful in integrating its products, which are also based on acquisitions made by the company.

In addition to this, Adobe has developed an effective product strategy and higher customer satisfaction rates than not only Salesforce, but all of its other competitors.

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