Afif Khoury, CEO of SOCi, Takes the Stage at IMPACT 23 to Discuss AI-Driven Multi-Location Marketing

Afif Khoury, Founder and CEO of SOCi, Inc. has been a trailblazer in the technology industry for two decades, with an impressive journey that began with his early contributions to the Human Genome Project. His career spans high-tech M&A law, successful management of two Venture Capital funds, and the founding and leadership of two thriving startups.

Under Afif’s leadership, SOCi has emerged as a game-changer in the marketing landscape, empowering multi-location enterprises to revolutionize their digital marketing efforts. SOCi’s platform enables automation and scalability across all digital channels while ensuring brand consistency, local customization, and data-driven strategies.

SOCi stands as the central hub to scale marketing efforts, uniquely designed to serve both enterprise and local teams. It’s the only platform of its kind, bridging the gap between global brand directives and local market excellence.

Don’t miss Afif Khoury’s insights at IMPACT 23! This promises to be an enlightening session on the intersection of AI, marketing, and business strategy.

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