Bree Jacoby and the Future of Retail

“Dress For Success” is a famous line for a reason. Clothing is that non-verbal, say-everything kind of impression that determines how others perceive you. Dressing right for that business meeting, new date, work trip, or a wedding is important for your personal brand. Let’s face it: confidence is key, and it Is impossible without a fantastic wardrobe to pair with it! No matter what you do for a living, you are selling something; yourself. You have seven seconds to make an impression on someone.

Our goal is to make you feel like you own any situation you walk into, whether it is a business meeting or casual drinks. I started this company because I believed shopping should be a personalized, convenient and full-service experience. Retail is changing and consumers are buying more online than ever before. What will never go away is personalized experiences which are more important now than ever before as retail struggles to compete with their own online e-commerce. We are the secret membership sauce that blends the two beautifully together, marrying retailers to the right clients.

We pride ourselves on being a unique membership experience where everyone who is a member feels like they are friends. as a CEO and Founder, I enjoy the process of being involved with our members. We specialize in three main areas: closets, consulting and custom clothing for men. we bring the stores to you so you do not have to walk inside them. your entire experience with us is customized to your liking as we have partnerships with Westfield century city and various other boutiques across Los Angeles.

When members work with us, they look great and feel even better. now, It is time we start changing your world too.

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