Channel Bakers CEO Josh Kreitzer Speaks at D3con

Channel Bakers is proud to announce that CEO Josh Kreitzer recently had the opportunity to speak on stage at D3con, the largest annual digital ads event in Germany. During the event, Josh participated in a panel discussion with Unilever and the Head of Amazon Ads for Europe. They spoke about the future of advertising without cookies and how using Amazon Marketing Cloud clean rooms can be the solution to the biggest problem facing the advertising industry with GDPR regulation canceling 3rd party tracking.

The discussion focused on how Amazon Marketing Cloud clean rooms can tie a brand’s 1st party data with Amazon’s data to identify new shoppers to target. This innovative solution is an excellent way to overcome the challenges posed by GDPR regulation, which has made 3rd party tracking difficult for advertisers.

It was an honor for Josh to be on stage with such esteemed colleagues and share insights on the future of advertising. Josh is excited to see how this technology will continue to evolve and how it can help advertisers better understand their audiences and create more effective ad campaigns.

Thank you to the D3con team for inviting Josh to speak at this incredible event, and he looks forward to attending in the future.


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