Digital Invitation Company Evite is Celebrating its 20th Birthday this Year

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Digital invitation company Evite is celebrating its 20th birthdaythis year, as well as the fact that it’s helped send invitations for more than 25 million birthdays throughout the past two decades (plus millions more for other types of events).

The company has sent more than 2 billion invitations in total since its founding in 1998 by Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala. Throughout the years, the company has updated its interface, adding a mobile app, SMS invitations, a feed where users can share photos and memorials associated with events and even a donations platform. The company is a subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation.

Today, Los Angeles-headquartered Evite prides itself in being a majority female workplace in the tech sector, with 59 percent of its employees being women and half of its senior leadership roles filled by women.

Throughout 2018, the company plans to celebrate its own birthday with giveaways.

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