Evite goes all-out for 2 billionth invitation

[:en]evite-imaEvite, the digital invitation service, recently sent its two-billionth event invite, marking a major milestone in the company’s history.

To commemorate, Evite contacted the party host who sent the lucky 2 billionth invitation, with a  event sponsorship for a local class of 100+ fourth-graders and their parents celebrating the end of their school year.

“The Class of 2019 Fourth Annual Splash into Summer Pool Party” held at the host’s Morgan Hill, California home included carnival tents and performers, midway-style games, carnival prizes, a backpack of goodies for each child, catered lunch, popcorn and cotton candy machines, photo booth, DJ-hosted party music, delicious cupcakes and ice cream, and an extra treat – a special gift basket for the party host, including a gift certificate to Kokkari Restaurant provided by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA).

“What better way to mark this incredible milestone than by getting together with the people who are using Evite on a daily basis to strengthen their connections with family and friends,” said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer of Evite. “Nothing can replace the bonds created by being together. In a world where an increasing number of social interactions are taking place digitally, Evite is proud to be the leading digital service that brings people together face-to-face.”

The party host was thrilled by the two-billionth invite celebration. “I never imagined the extent Evite would go to ensure our party would be extra special and memorable. The parents and kids attending our annual event were completely blown away!”

Over 32 million users utilize the free, easy-to-use invitation service, sending 20,000 invitations every hour, and kicking off 6 million parties and gatherings every year.

More information on Evite’s 2 billionth invitation can be found at www.Evite2Billion.com.



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