Experience ‘Should Drive Home The Spirit Of Your Story’

By Ernan Roman, ERDM Corp

Brand authenticity and purpose are high on Panis’ list of priorities, as he explains in this edition of “4 Questions for Digital Innovators.”

1. What is one marketing topic that is most important to you as an innovator?
Brands often approach marketing by creating a lifestyle around the products or services they offer. However, consumers today are privy to what is fabricated and what is the real deal. At Shinola, we have always made it a priority to present our narrative in an extremely transparent fashion. Our process from the beginning gave the community a clear view into everything we are doing here at Shinola.

With Shinola’s mission being predicated on meaningful job creation in the U.S. and the story of the people building these beautiful, high-quality products, we have and continue to be a brand that works daily to share our story through a transparent lens.

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