History Made in the US Coast Guard

History was made yesterday in the US Coast Guard at Tuskegee! LT Ronaqua Russell received one of military aviation’s top award, the Air Medal. This prestigious award is rarely earned by fixed wing aviators in the Coast Guard and LT Russell has inked her way into the archives!

In all of Coast Guard history, there have only been 5 black female aviators. All five, the Fab 5, flew into Moton Field, AL (Tuskegee) to celebrate this historic, monumental occasion!” – via Coast Guard Flight Mechanics

1. LCDR Jeanine Menze (C-130)
2. LCDR LaShanda Renee Holmes (H-65)
3. LT C Angel Hughes (C-144)
4. LT Chanel Lee (H-60)
5. LT Ronaqua Russell (C-144)

Congratulations to Lieutenant Russell for receiving this historic honor for her work flying the HC-144 Ocean Sentry during Hurricane Harvey!

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