How to Better Support Restaurant Franchisees’ Marketing Needs

By Talia Wachtel, Head of Client Success at VidMob

In a recent QSR Magazine article, Talia Wachtel, Head of Client Success at VidMob, explores the challenges faced by restaurant franchisees in meeting their marketing needs and maintaining brand consistency. When franchisors fail to provide the right creative assets, franchisees may resort to creating content that isn’t approved, leading to inconsistencies and potential conflicts in brand messaging. In today’s ever-evolving landscape of marketing channels, franchisees require more flexible and diverse creative assets to reach their target audiences effectively. Talia highlights the importance of standardization and brand consistency at a national or regional level while allowing franchisees some autonomy to tailor advertising for local preferences. Read the article to learn more about how the adoption of technology, such as digital asset management and AI, can assist franchises in delivering efficient, cost-effective creative solutions that align with brand guidelines. 

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