IMPACT 23: Unveiling Layered Leadership with Larry Armstrong, An Architectural Visionary and Business Trailblazer

Lawrence Armstrong is the Chairman of Ware Malcomb, a leading international design firm for corporate and commercial real estate. Larry’s expertise in architecture and strong business leadership have propelled Ware Malcomb to new heights.

Known for his strategic vision and commitment to fiscal discipline, Larry’s leadership style embodies the DNA of layered leadership. He fosters a culture of creativity and innovation, driving the firm’s success and empowering his diverse team to excel.

With a profound design ability, Larry elevates the organization’s approach to spaces, creating inspiring environments that leave a lasting impact. His strategic mindset ensures the overall health and growth of the firm, making him a true trailblazer in the industry.

Larry Armstrong’s layered leadership philosophy is a beacon for aspiring architects and business leaders alike. At IMPACT 23 attendees will gain insights from Larry as he shares his secrets to success and the art of leading with creativity and strategic acumen.

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