Indi Engagement Cloud Selected as Engagement Platform for XPRIZE Bucket List Challenge

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Last week, XPRIZE released the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, a digital report and interactive website that reveals 12 breakthroughs that can promote increased health and life expectancy for all. The Impact Roadmap was created in partnership with Founder of the Longevity Vision Fund and XPRIZE Board Member, Sergey Young, and will serve as a basis of future XPRIZE competitions. In support of this effort, XPRIZE is conducting a social media and email campaign to drive audiences to a special XPRIZE Bucket List Challenge. XPRIZE has selected Indi Engage to host this user-generated-content contest.

For much of the last century, Earth’s population experienced tremendous increases in life expectancy. XPRIZE is studying the future of longevity to discover innovative and accessible ways to radically extend healthy lifespans.

To participate in “Imagine the Possibilities: XPRIZE Bucket List Challenge,” people are invited to submit a video or create an image answering the question, “How would your bucket list change, if you knew you’d be in perfect health at 120 years old?” Participants will compete for a $2,500 “Buzz Prize” based on the level of social media sharing generated, and a $5,000 “Judge’s Pick” reward for the best entry to be selected by a longevity expert.

The Indi Engagement Cloud is a SaaS video and photo platform that helps brands engage their customers and associates directly on their website or in their App (instead of in social media) by creating engagement challenges and shoppable commissionable reviews to drive community, brand awareness and performance-based online sales from social media.

XPRIZE designs and operates global competitions to incentivize the development of technological breakthroughs that accelerate humanity toward a better future. Part of its Prize Design efforts include Impact Roadmaps – detailed reports that analyze complex and overlapping social, technological, economic, environmental, and policy issues, to identify the most effective solutions within a given domain. XPRIZE Impact Roadmaps, including the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, are created through extensive secondary research, expert interviews, collaborative workshops with leading organizations and partners, along with crowdsourced feedback and activities through a community of multidisciplinary experts around the world.

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Indi Engage is transforming engagement and commerce through a unique platform that enables customer video and photo reviews that are proven to convert much higher than text reviews; performance-based brand ambassador programs with high-converting, authentic, shoppable video and photo content created by store associates and loyal customers; and engagement challenges whereby customers are incentivized to drive brand awareness throughout their social media. The Indi Engagement Cloud solution is designed to address significant site conversion and social media challenges facing brands around restricted reach, increasing costs, vanity metrics, inflated statistics, fake followings, click fraud and lack of access to data that hinder the ability to generate verifiable impact and ROI.

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