Past, Present and Future of Web Content Management

Source: Adobe Marketing Cloud

As web content management (WCM) represents a link between the fast evolving web technology space and the need for large organizations to leverage the web as a communication channel, WCM operates at the junction of very high tension.

Not only is there the need for large, slow enterprise organizations to operate in an extremely dynamic technology environment but, even within the enterprise, WCM provides the link and a shared platform between the business and IT.

This is particularly interesting since every organization internally tries to hide away in their respective silos. This works well most of the time, but it does not work on a public-facing website where the entire universe of an enterprise is visible and just one click away for the surfer. Any misalignment within the enterprise organization bubbles up to the surface and is exposed to the world.

The three mega trends of mobile, cloud and social have material, irrevocable impact on the WCM space and strongly suggest material changes to how we perceive the WCM space and what our implicit requirements for a WCM stack are.

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