Professional Home Cleaning App “GiGO Clean” Now Servicing Orange County

What if getting a sparkling clean home was as easy as downloading a secure phone application? With the revolutionary new GiGO Clean, you can now do so – anywhere in Orange County. 

The GiGO Clean app makes cleaning and organizing homes easier than ever. Customers have the option to schedule a variety of professional services on their mobile devices, including… 

  • Standard cleanings
  • Deep home cleanings
  • Move-in or out cleanings
  • Vacation rental cleanings
  • Office cleanings
  • Home organization services

All of these services can be booked by downloading the GiGO Clean app, creating a profile, and placing an order. Think of it like booking an Uber from a phone, but instead of paying for a ride, customers schedule and pay for convenient, professional home cleaning services. 

Although there are other cleaning apps on the market, none are as revolutionary or sophisticated as GiGO Clean when it comes to providing on-demand services for homes and rentals.

GiGO Clean prides itself on offering reliable, secure, and flexible services to customers throughout the Orange County area. Users have the opportunity to schedule on-demand cleaning services from professionals, whenever they need it – while saving time and money. 

Furthermore, all of GiGO’s cleaners undergo thorough background checks, and cleaning plans can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Because GiGO’s system is highly streamlined, its contracted cleaning professionals experience more flexible working hours and better hourly pay than they would likely receive from many other organizations. 

The GiGO Clean app was founded by local entrepreneur Bita Safari, a long-time Orange County resident. After serving as president of the successful commercial cleaning company Simply Crystal Clean, she saw a gap in the home cleaning market. Her goal with GiGO Clean is to offer home cleaning expertise from truly reliable, trustworthy, and highly trained professionals. 

“The home cleaning industry is expected to reach $40B by 2025, and 80% of households are expected to use residential cleaning services by 2024,” said Safari. “This is a critical time to disrupt home cleaning as we know it and engage the gig economy as so many other industries have done.”

Currently, GiGO Clean has a force of over 40 cleaners to service residents in the county, and all are properly trained and certified. GiGO Clean will be expanding their service range in the coming months.


To learn more about GiGO Clean or to set up your Orange County cleaning appointment, please visit


About GiGO Clean 

GiGO Clean is a technology company offering on-demand cleaning services utilizing an easy-to-use technology platform to connect customers to cleaners directly. It enables people to simply tap on their smartphone and have cleaning professionals arrive at their location in the minimum possible time, or schedule the cleaning at any desired time. To learn more, please visit

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