SALT Technology Group, Cayman Islands

SALT Technology Group are an IT and Cloud Services Provider, based in the Cayman Islands and fueled by a passion for technology and a frustration that many companies, especially those in the Caribbean, are not leveraging technology to drive their business forward; SALT are challenging the conventions of IT provision and leading a technology revolution.

SALT are helping our clients to grow by providing IT products and services which are intelligent, efficient and effective, but we’re also doing our part to address global environmental issues by working with technology to help grow our business and our community sustainably:

  • We’re working with a local provider to create the first 100% solar-powered datacentre in the Cayman Islands. The datacentre hosts our cloud platform and our solar power solution will scale with our cloud.
  • Our datacentre will use saltwater batteries to store power for our datacentre – these are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and contain no heavy metals.
  • Our cloud provides a platform for us to run robotic farming software and provide community farming initiatives. This will be simple for end-users and farmers to consume without any specific knowledge of managing technology. In the Caribbean farming of many crops is difficult due to the environmental conditions and we rely upon importation of goods. By utilising technology, we can create efficient, high yield and more cost-effective crops in environments which are not normally conducive for growing.
  • SALT are providing a technology eco-system to the Cayman Islands, through the delivery of an island-wide Wi-Fi platform and a public, offshore cloud platform capable of running any workload from traditional IT services, through SaaS (Software as a Service) to IoT (Internet of Things).
  • A longer-term goal of SALT is to create a Technology School locally which will provide scholarships to students and will operate based on revenue generated from Intellectual Property and patents developed by the institution.
  • We provide Cloud Services and though we can re-sell public cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, we also have our own offshore Cloud Platform based on Microsoft technology. Our cloud platform is secure, 100% encrypted, can handle any workload and provides data residency guarantees for any services. Our cloud is physically based in 2 sites in the Cayman Islands and will be expanding over the coming months.
  • We partner closely with Microsoft to provide non-commoditised, complex and specialist IT Professional Services which are challenging even for companies with dedicated IT teams and include:
    • Security,
    • Data and information management,
    • Business intelligence,
    • High availability and backup,
    • Virtualisation,
    • IT and process automation and
    • Unified communications, including intelligent wireless (Wi-Fi) platforms.

SALT Technology Group were recently selected to take part in the Startup Face Off at Impact17 and present to a panel of investor judges, including Faquiry Diaz of mxHero and Brian Wong of Kiip, and were the only company from the Cayman Islands to take part, up against three other companies from the US.

“We were incredibly excited to take part in the Startup Face Off at this years Impact17 event in the Cayman Islands,” commented Blair Lilford, founder of SALT Technology Group. “The competition and the event as a whole was a phenomenal experience with amazing, informative content from world-known industry leaders and we look forward to taking part in the conference and working with the IMA in future.”

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