serviceMob Revolutionizes Customer Service with “Observable” Analytics and AI

Originally published on USA Today

When it comes to customer service, the interaction between a company and its customers can be a make-or-break situation.  

In an age where online reviews drive millions of buying decisions, the need for a company to take command of its service and support operation has never been greater.  

Enter serviceMob, a cutting-edge analytics platform and the ultimate command center for modern customer service operations. 

“It’s not your parents’ call center anymore,” said serviceMob CEO Anuj Bhalla.  

“Now you can email, SMS, tweet your discontent to a company, you can WhatsApp, WeChat. There’s so many different ways that consumers and companies can interact, especially when you need service. serviceMob brings all of the data together across those different channels and touchpoints. We help companies make sense of that information operationally, so that they can run a better, faster, and stronger operation to improve the customer experience.” 

ServiceMob doesn’t provide customer service itself; rather, it assesses a company’s prowess in reducing customer effort, establishing performance metrics, identifying emerging trends, and offering strategic recommendations for operational enhancement.

Any company that sets up a contact center operation will need a telephone system, chat management system and email software that allows employees to communicate with customers.  

“What we do is, we actually work with all the systems that you’ve chosen for your contact center,” Anuj said. “We pull data from these different sources that do not necessarily talk to one another, put that all together, and then create actionable insights not available anywhere else in the market. Observability is the key word. We create observability of what’s really happening in your operation, so that you can measure how productive you are, and how effective you are at solving customer issues.” 

Consider today the level of effort we all take to solve an issue when we need service or support.  

“We shine the light on the dark data of service to ensure businesses solve issues and create better service outcomes,” Anuj said.  

“With all of this information, we can understand the customer’s intention. Why did someone need support in the first place? Did the service provided at the time of need truly solve the issue, or did you have to come back again, and again, and again? And what was the outcome of that experience? Is the outcome of the experience a delighted customer or someone who never wants to do business with you again, or something in between? We analyze all of this.” 

serviceMob’s analytics platform allows enhanced visibility from frontline agents to top company executives to uncover key opportunities that need to be addressed in order to hit their goals. Anyone who is struggling can be identified, coached, and helped.  

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