A Smart Strategy for Attracting and Retaining Talent

By Hilary Cahill, Cayman Enterprise City

So, you’re in start-up mode, your founding team is working around the clock, the pressure is on and its brutal! You want to get your brilliant idea to market as quickly as possible, but building your team with the best people is paramount to your success.

You’ve got some funding but finding and keeping the perfect talent to drive your vision and bring it to reality is no cake walk. Just as you think you’ve enticed the ideal people to head your design team or operations, they got wooed away by a big shiny brand down the road, who seduced them with irresistible packages that you could never match! Back to square one!

It’s annoying and frustrating and with your limited budget you simple can’t compete. There’s not much you can do about it. Or, is there?

Imagine if you weren’t located right next to the big brands, and your team couldn’t ‘accidentally’ bump into recruiters daily at Starbucks. What if your company was in great tech zone location where there we no distractions so there could be 1000% focus on building your business and making it a success?

Cayman Enterprise City special economic zone, is the tech world’s best kept secret. Located in the Cayman Islands, there are no visa restrictions so you can attract the talent you want from anywhere in the world, and obtain renewable 5-year work/resident visas within 5 working days. That’s simply not possible in Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston or NYC, where those big brands steal away the talent and snaffle up all the H1-b visa quota.

Companies that set up in CEC, soon discover that it’s easy to attract talent to Cayman, a tax free tropical island. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in paradise? Although working in a start-up can be savage for employees, it’s made easier here as there is no income tax, so your people get to keep 100% of what they earn. In Cayman, an amazing spirit prevails that ‘anything is possible’ and a there’s great outdoor lifestyle, which creates a happy and productive workforce. It’s also only 1 hour from Miami and 3 hours from NYC and there’s every American convenience, so it’s ‘home from home’ and staff can be anywhere in the States the same day.

You should look into it!

Theirs is an entrepreneurial ecosystem in this vibrant tech zone, but there are no massive global brands here to try and entice your team away with irresistible packages! This means, it’s easier to retain your team and keeps your recruitment costs to a minimal.

Hmm! An office in Grand Cayman, now there’s a thought!

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