The Social Media Network War #Infographic

Written by , Contributor for ExactTarget Blog:

As social media networks compete for marketers’ attention and for more advertising dollars, it has become increasingly important for marketers to evaluate social network use and ROI.

Mediabistro recently published an article on where social media users are spending their time online from data collected by Statista.

The infographic below shows that Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest dominate time spent on social media while Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn dominate unique visitors per month. These statistics are important to keep in minda as you ask yourself the questions “What social networks are most valuable to my brand?” and “What social networks will I use to promote my content?”.

Key takeaways from this infographic and data:

  • Visuals in social media are key
  • Social networks are unique and deserve unique engagement strategies
  • Discover the best social network for your different customer segments
  • Google+ adoption still lingers (even behind the resurected Myspace), but plays a significant role in SEO for brands

(Source: Statista.)

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