SpinGo and Silicon Slopes Summit – How Utah’s Largest Business & Tech Conference Used the Latest Event Technology

By SpinGo

SpinGo With more than 5,000 attendees representing more than 1,700 organizations, Silicon Slopes Summit is one of the largest business & tech conferences in the Mountain West. SpinGo, a national event company headquartered in Utah, provided the January summit not only a seamless registration process for the organizers and attendees, but also on-site name badge printing, and innovative sponsor-facing attendee data capture. Below are several ways SpinGo supports events like Silicon Slopes Summit, as well as 30,000 comic cons, music festivals, expos, and various events monthly.

Event Master Badging

Print participant name badges on-site. Faster and more efficient than sorting through thousands of pre-printed badges.

Pre-printed name badges are messy. Inevitable changes, spelling errors, and last-minute registrations are more than enough to slow down even the most sophisticated check-in process. By producing an attractive attendee badge in much less time it would take to sift through thousands of pre-printed badges, Event Master badge printing provides a seamless onsite registration and check-in experience for both your team and the events’ participants.

Event Master Online Registration, Ticketing and Payment Processing
Headache-free ticketing.

Ticketing and registration with Event Master are extremely simple.. Customers use a single, fully responsive web page for the entire purchasing process. Plus, it supports the latest ticketing technology and works with other platforms. Accommodate various ticket prices, sell event products, track promo codes, and view sales trends.

Event Master Attendee Scanning
Vendors can scan attendees at their booth easily and quickly.

Event Master allows vendor staff to scan badges of conference attendees at their booth to collect attendee information. No business cards necessary! This enables you to easily provide your vendors contact info and data for everyone that visited their booth for post event follow up. Oh, and did we mention it doesn’t require wifi?

SpinGo Network Digital Marketing
Get the event attendance you want.

SpinGo starts by getting to know your target audience, including their interests and behaviors. Next, we initiate campaigns that reach potential attendees where they hang out online, like social media websites, search engines, news media websites, and other outlets related to your event’s content. Ramping toward your event date, we make refine each campaign’s reach and messaging to increase awareness and discovery, and ultimately facilitate decisions around your event.

Sponsor out-of-reach events.

93% of consumers say that live event marketing is the most effective way to connect with them. Yet advertisers often pass on sponsoring certain events because it isn’t worth the hassle to make a clumsy, on-site appearance. Instead, they fight other advertisers over the same few events year after year. SpinGo Activate lets you sponsor overlooked events and make authentic connections with the consumers in attendance. Each activation provides you real-time analytics on the at-event attendees, those passing by the brand activation area, those stopping to learn more, and those that opt in to request follow-up information on your products and services.

Event Master Sponsor and Vendor management
Bring order to event chaos.

Collect applications, receive payments, and manage schedules of your sponsors, vendors, and volunteers, all from one mobile-friendly platform. Allow volunteers to accept or drop shifts, broadcast important information to your team, and work with an interactive map to place vendors. Stop getting lost in emails and Google docs- and start using a simple, collaborative tool to manage your event’s moving pieces.

To learn more, visit www.spingo.com/eventmaster

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