The State of Mobile Behavior #Infographic

By , Contibrutor for The ExactTarget Blog:



Our just-released 2014 Mobile Behavior Report asked 470 consumers questions about how they use and view mobile devices in their lives. They also opted in to let Luth Research‘s ZQ Tracking tool track their mobile devices for a month to see how they used smartphones and tablets to access the mobile web and mobile apps.

We learned some interesting things about the incresingly critical role of mobile and where mobile is headed. In this State of Mobile Behavior infographic, we share some of the most compelling trends and stats found in the report.

Are you one of the 92% of smartphone users who simply can’t wait or ignore a push notification before opening it? Or maybe part of the 65% of tablet owners who report using their tablet while watching TV at least once a day? We’re a cross-media population growing more connected and mobile by the day.

Check out the infographic for more data:



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