Stay in Place?

In February we launched a new campaign for Boeing. We filmed new TV spots around active/family lifestyles for Health Net. We filmed a new distracted driving campaign for AAA. Most of the creative we produced involved flying, driving and active lifestyles. Who knew a month later, none of that would be relevant?!

In early March, we went into our annual company retreat feeling quite good, although the news was coming in rapidly about C-19. As the retreat was unfolding, almost every major project was put on hold. We’ve evolved some of the creative into post-production projects, but they all have new extended timelines as cogs in the supply chain have slowed everything down. We always want more time and now we got it! A lot of it.

We finally have a chance to step off of the treadmill to reimagine, rethink, and retool a bit. We’re pushing those things on the backburner forward (website updates, reels, new capabilities decks, etc.) and it feels good. One of the big pivots now that we’re out of our comfort zone, is embracing being out of our comfort zone. We’re taking more risks. We’re onboarding projects that last month would have been a hard “no”. I’ve always wanted to use our vast product launch experience to help the local startups, so I’ve reached out to folks and we’re finding new ways and paths forward. This is all new and we’re still figuring it out, but I know that we’re writing a new chapter and it could change our approach. It’s exciting and a little scary, but the forward momentum is invigorating. Perhaps a stay-in-place order is just what we needed to get out of “our place”?