DOT Report, Latest Content Marketing Practices

Successful content marketing activities involve not only good content but content that complies with Google guidelines as well. Below are some important suggestions on utilizing the latest content marketing practices.

While using advertorials, it is important to declare prominently that such posts are sponsored. In order for the link in the post to not have a follow-up, labelled anchor text must be used. The focus of your advertorials should be good quality and well known sites, as it is important for the link to have SEO relevance. Without any SEO importance, it will fail to attract users to the site. A well known and good quality site has the power to attract web users and to increase your search engine ranking.

Like advertorials, one can also get paid press releases distributed all over the web which is against guidelines set by Google. It is therefore important that press releases do not contain any follow-up links. Like advertorials, even press releases require the use of labelled anchor texts. Most importantly, a press release should contain only newsworthy content. There are many press release service providers in the market who follow strict editorial standards when it comes to producing interesting content.

Guest blogging is another well known content marketing practice. While guest blogging is conducted on a larger scale, most of them end up focussing on inferior quality websites. Google has the software to detect the frequency and number of guest posts that are being submitted by a particular user. It essential to limit the amount of posts being produced by you, since Google has the power to punish you either manually or algorithmically. Guest posts should be created every alternate month in order to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Another aspect of guest blogging that requires consideration is that the structure of the site should be looked at before producing any guest posts. The website should have a continuous and logical theme in the varied guest posts. You need to see whether the site has an authentic social following in terms of social sharing and comments. Like advertorials and press releases, even guest blogging requires the use of labelled anchor text and mention of paid post in the writing.

Another common content promotion practice is blogger reviews. One must always mention in the reviews that the content has been paid for by the reviewer in order to avoid getting penalized by Google. Since the review is already paid for, the reviewers have the choice to write positive or negative reviews. Reviews by bloggers should only be produced and posted on popular websites. At the same time, reviews on well known sites should also contain a reasonable amount of social interaction in the form of comments and sharing with other users.

Infographics are one of the many top content marketing practices that are most widely used in blogs. While the use of good quality infographics is important for promoting your content, there is also a limit as to the number of infographic sites that one can use. One of the best practices that you can follow with regard to infographics is to delink your links. The use of labelled anchor text in the implanted code is a safe way to market your content. Even certain industry sites have use for infographic content. For this reason, these sites are considered to be high quality sites when it comes to creating genuine and organic infographic copies.

These are some of the content marketing practices that are being used by people to promote their content and websites. As long as these practices comply with Google’s rules and regulations, they will not affect your website and content in an adverse manner.