Using Google’s Research Tools to Create Search Engine Friendly Keywords

The success of various online business sites depends on search engine optimized campaigns that use appropriate and search engine friendly keywords. This is an ongoing process that requires the use of fresh and unique keywords. In other words, businesses need to modify their existing keyword lists from time to time. All kinds of SEO tools are available for creating new sets of keywords. To continue to rank high on various search engines, here are some suggestions on various Google tools that you can use to make your business site attractive to search engines and web users.

Google Analytics

The list of keywords can be further expanded with the help of Google Analytics. Though many ways are available for segregating the data generated by the keyword research tool, a simple way of doing it is by selecting keywords that attract a huge volume of user traffic for a specific landing web page.

Google Trends

Another very useful tool for SEO experts is Google Trends. It provides a deep and comprehensive insight into the usage of a particular keyword. It keeps a record of the search importance for various keywords over a given time. Along with the relevant search engine trends of the various keywords, it also provides users with related terms at the bottom of the page.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another very powerful keyword research tool that one can use for modifying keyword searches is Google Webmaster Tools. It not only reveals the most popular keywords that rank high in search engine results leading to user traffic to your site but also highlights keywords that are search engine friendly which you can use for your own business website.

Google Autocomplete

In order to find fresh keyword ideas for your business, consult Google Autocomplete for realizing untapped opportunities for building your ranking among various search engines. Google Autocomplete is the most easy (and quickest) way of finding new keywords. Simply type in the most used or popular keywords related to your business to get an insight into related searches. In other words, besides the keywords being used by your business, you will get an idea of what kind of searches web users make when they use the same keywords that have been used by your business. Avoid pressing the enter key while conducting a keyword search using Google Autocomplete tool. Likewise, leave some space before your search engine friendly keywords in order to get more ideas on how best to modify your list of keywords. In place of the space in front of the keyword, you can make use of terms like when, where, who, what and why to get interesting ideas for creating unique web content.

Though Google has introduced many search engine friendly products and services, it has also discontinued the usage of certain services like the tilde tool for finding synonyms that are connected to your keywords. This research tool from Google is highly effective and helpful for carrying out keyword research and expansion of the existing keyword list. Yet, there are many other useful tools that can be used for finding synonyms related to your keyword. For instance, Google Sheets can be used for carrying out synonym related searches. Even the search results that come at the bottom of the result page play an important role in being a source for new and innovative ideas and opportunities for your list of keywords.

Besides the usage of the abovementioned research tools from Google, there are other equally popular tools that you can use for bringing about much needed change in your list of keywords and subsequently in your business.