007: Justin Klein: Helping Marketers Make Smart Financial Decisions


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Justin Klein of KPP FinancialJustin Klein has a masterful mix of both finance and marketing. He’s worked in the firm his grandfather started for nearly two decades during which time he graduated from Chapman University. As a member of the IMA, Justin knows how to help modern marketers stay focused on their passions while offloading seemingly mundane items like managing the company 401k.


KPP Financial is aligned to their own principals. The firm practices “Parallel Investing” whereby one or more of the firm’s principals are invested in each of their investment programs. This alleviates some of the concerns clients have that their partner might be doing what is right for them rather than their clients. Aside from personal wealth management, KPP can help business owners and senior managers mitigate the risks associated with management of the company 401k plan. This is a great service to business leaders who aren’t excited by finance and just want to know they are taken care of while they focus on marketing and running the company.


“Like life in general, making emotional decisions while investing is almost always a mistake. Our methods shun emotion and exploit opportunity.”


52% of 401k participants don’t have the time, interest or knowledge to manage their 401k. (Charles Schwab)


IMA Member Justin Klein shares great information for marketers who need help with things they don’t enjoy doing – namely, finance. He helps non-financial masterminds make smart financial decisions AND – here’s the important part – offload the risks that come with owning your own business or being a member of senior leadership. If you own your own agency, are a senior leader in a company or one day want to own your own firm, listen up. Justin can teach you where to look for help on a highly regulated and rapidly changing section of your business so you can focus on the areas in which you can have the most impact.


The PowerPoint Justin presented can be found here.