Wanted: Chief Product Officer for Evite

Evite is Hiring!

What you’d be doing

Expanding our usage to billions vs. ‘just’ hundreds of millions by helping us deliver on this purpose

Who you’d be working for

This guy. Everything you’d want to know about him can be found at www.victorcho.info

Where you’d be working

Out of Evite’s corporate HQ in downtown Los Angeles.
All Product and Dev is here.

What you’d earn

We are very competitive with our total compensation.
And we have fun perks.

You have at least two of these Core Capabilities:

  • You know how to drive a mobile-centric experience at very largescale (10M apps+) across both iOS and Android.
  • You can build teams that invent mobile-centric social experiences that can fundamentally change behaviors (that also make money).
  • Your product philosophy is grounded in deep customer-centricity. Our Net Promoter is 70+. For you, that’s not good enough.

You have all of these Must-Have Capabilities:

  • You truly embrace and fit within our culture.
  • You’re a wickedly good communicator.
  • You’ve got serious horse-power under your noggin.

Interested or know someone? Contact: victor.cho@evite.com

Chief Product Officer Spec

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