Google Announces New AI-Powered Features for Advertisers

By Frederick Vallaeys, CEO, Optmyzr


At Google Marketing Live 2023, Google announced a number of new features and products that use artificial intelligence (AI) to help advertisers reach their customers more effectively. These features fall into three categories: better customer connection, better creative, and better confidence.

Better Customer Connection

Google is making it easier for advertisers to find their customers along their ever-more complex consumer journeys. Two new AI-driven campaign types are being introduced: Video Views and Demand Gen. Video Views is designed to help advertisers reach people who are interested in watching videos on YouTube, while Demand Gen uses social assets to find consumers as they spend time across a variety of platforms in the Google ecosystem.

Demand Gen campaigns are a new campaign type from Google to help drive consumer awareness about your products.

In addition, Google Analytics 4 is now able to find predictive lookalike audiences, which can be exported to Google Ads. This allows advertisers to reach people who are similar to their existing customers, even if they haven’t visited their website or interacted with their brand before.

Better Creative

Google is also using AI to help advertisers create better ad creative. Conversational AI is being enabled for Performance Max campaigns, which allows advertisers to have a natural language conversation with Google’s AI systems to generate ad text and other creative assets. This can save advertisers time and effort, and it can help them create more relevant and effective ads.

Build a performance max campaign on Google by having a conversation with their AI

In addition, Google is introducing Product Studio, a new product that helps e-commerce advertisers create customized product imagery. Product Studio uses AI to remove backgrounds, add text, and change colors, making it easy for advertisers to create high-quality product images without having to hire a professional photographer.

Product Studio from Google helps e-commerce advertisers optimize their product images using generative AI

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